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    K for people who still follows us.
    I recently moved to Molten WoW server.
    So far its pretty good. HUGE AMOUNT of people, population is sick, and by that you know theres alot more to do.
    Server is scripted and most of things work.
    Alot of raids/dungeons, GearScore, required to get into raids.
    Server is stable. It reminds me of old WoWcrack server.
    WoWCrack (HighRate) on universalgaming is dead.
    There is nothing to do. Developer doesnt do shit.
    The only one who is forcing him to do stuff is one of the GMs (Irene)
    If she doesnt push him, he wont do shit to the servers.
    They are barely keeping up. Server is basicaly running on its own.
    Population is dead, same old people playing (well i wouldnt call that playing) more like they are hoping for something new.
    I got tired of it, i tried to help but they didnt listen.
    So im moving on.
    to a better server, where i dont have to report things to be fixed, they are being fix on their own without letting developers know. Their staff members already know whats bugged and whats not working correctly so their team gets to the problem realy fast to solving it.
    You can find us here. Or ventrilo ofcourse. info you can find on page menu.
    Category: Guild News | Views: 1942 | Date: 04-Jul-2010 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (1)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    May I have your attention please!~ Gods of Olympus has returned!
    Site Logo for Gods of Olympus
    After a long process of placing a permanent residence for the Guild, and after many hours of reconstruction, Gods of Olympus has been relocated and reopened at long last! The Primary site has been re-launched and is completely updated and rebuffed for our enjoyment. Take a look at http://godsofolympus.org.
    The forums are already being filled, and the Site is updated with the best working add-ons for our current WoW version (currently at 3.2.2a). Come register and help GoO return to it's former glory!
    Please note WoWLegacy is now home to Gods of Olympus. It is now our primary server and is decidedly the best one for our purposes. If you do not already have an account, click the link and make one so that you can join us in-game@!
    Our main realm is the Legion (Blizz-Like)realm. We have a strong base with many level 80's already and a loaded GBank. You can ask around in LookingForGroup channel or whisper any member at any time to get an invite! If you are new and would like to apply to GoO, please click here.
    Other than that, we hope to see you in-game and in the forums and look forward to the full return of Gods of Olympus!!!!!!!!
    Yours Truly,
    -Grim   (Officer & GOD of Gods of Olympus) 
    Category: Guild News | Views: 1331 | Date: 18-Mar-2010 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)  | Added by: (Grim)

    I'll start of with a little bit of my history.

    Gods of Olympus started back in the days when WoWScape server was #1 privet server around the interwebs, the guild was made by MightyZeus on May 17th 2008 mainly for friends who would always play together for fun. It was active, very friendly, and loving community of people that came from all over the world into one place that was called WoWScape.

    While we were active members of WoWScape (Funserver) our guild has received allot of compliments from the community which made us think to start recruiting people into our guild to share our love and friendliness with them, of course the main goal was to make not only the guild but the server itself be a wonderful place. Sharing and providing care to our members was top priority, that what made the guild a family for some of us. Many has left since time past by, only few and dedicated members still wear their GoO tag proudly along the World of Warcaft community.
    WoWscape have been attacked since it was created, due to many reasons the larger it would grow, the stronger attacks would get, despite the fact it was awful place to play while it was being attack, it would only bring attention and more popularity to the server. Server was over runnel by trolls, hackers, abusers, frounders, yet the core of the server was still protecting their home, the community was the core. Since then WoWScape has changed its name, its Game Masters, its Developers and even the owner of the server. For that particular reason it has lost its popularity and faith in some of its members. Therefore Scape has become a small island in a big picture of the NET. The home what we used to call has split apart. Pieces of it lay allover the internet.

    The guild still remains on 2 major networks which are:
    The original and first Network that was created: www.godsofolympus.org (Status: Active)
    Second Network is: www.titanscape.do.am (Status: Active)
    Reason is for having 2 networks for 1 guild was kind of nessecery since, the original network has been inactive since the Guild Master has left not only the guild but the game itself, leaving the network floating in the internet like a boat in ocean without the captain; therefore I (Sam) has taken the leadership of the guild into my hands and creating the new Network "TITANS" name was given for its own meaning, titans were abandoned from Olympus. The name of the guild was changed into Titans. I wouldn’t lie that my leadership wasn’t as efficient as Zeus had the control and powers to do such, but I had to and guild was still alive, until server got major attack which almost killed the server. The attack was inside job, leaving nothing but pile of corrupted files; from that wound I couldn’t control the guild and has lost faith in the server as well, leaving into another Realm of the same server, which was called WoWCrack, reason was to start from the beginning. While the original WoWScape Funserver was active we had been playing on WoWCrack few times in a week to test our skills, because WoWCrack had lower rates and scripted instances, which was harder for players of funserver. Few people followed me to WoWCrack server, leaving the main server and characters there. And that basically killed the guild, many people disagreed and either left the server or moved to another server; some people even left the game.

    In conclusion, I'd like to thank all dedicated members of our family for being who you were in cyber space, because that made you a unique character rather then being yourself in a real world. I’ve had allot of fun and joy playing and sharing the experience with each one of you. I love you all and specially Zeus. Thank you, thank you for creating the world in which we have lived in, days and nights, loving, caring and sharing our joy with each other like in real world, but in real world it wouldn’t be fun, because we had freedom, by all means that this word has, free.
    No I’m not leaving the game and I’m not leaving the guild, I’m going to still play the game, I just felt like sharing my story with people who were still wondering ... Read more »
    Category: Guild News | Views: 1151 | Date: 06-Mar-2010 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (2)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

    Hey guyz, Universalgaming launched new restore tool for people who are missing their characters on Scape servers.
    To restore your characters simply click on this link http://www.universalgaming.eu/queue
    and enter your account name.
    Just for your information, if you will get redirected from unknown source to a similar webpage asking for your account name and password. DO NOT ENTER YOUR INFORMATION.
    Its a scam and your account is in danger if you give out your password to untrusted souce.
    Scapegaming/Universalgaming will never ask you for your account information. Keep it safe do not share it.
    Best Regards
    Category: Scape News | Views: 1451 | Date: 06-Mar-2010 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (1)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

    ok just a small update, WoWScape has moved to universalgaming.eu
    set realmlist logon.universalgaming.eu
    This is where scapegaming is located right now.
    Category: Scape News | Views: 3209 | Date: 05-Feb-2010 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (0)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

    Nuff said
    Category: Guild News | Views: 1137 | Date: 25-Dec-2009 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

    This is for the new GoO members who weren't able to find the post.
    ~We'd love to see you all there and talk to ya! And if you still have trouble feel free to ask for help. :) No one here will hesitate to give ya' a hand.~

    Never noticed it, but Sam has also added the Ventrilo Connection Page to the "Site menu" over here.   <3
    <---- <---- <---- <----
    Category: Guild News | Views: 1226 | Date: 10-Nov-2009 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (1)  | Added by: (Grim)

    Oomen! you have no idea how enjoyable Crack is, these days!
    Redicilous, i feel like im playin on retail....Not sure if you have same feelings ladies but im lovin it.
    Few things may still not work as intended, but o well, theres more things to come!
    Just wanted to notify you guyz with new update from 2bit:
    Thats right bitches! You can see how many people online now :P
    Well its a small update, but its a big step into improving community!
    Dispite the fact that those QQiers/Haters, were spamming and keep thinking that scape is going down, o well......flash news for you, dont think this ever ganna happen my friend.
    Scape was supose to go down, way back  in the day when Burlex left.....remember you were saying scape is dead........untill today if you still believe in that, i would suggest you to smoke some crack, to relief your stress :D WELCUM!
    Scape 4 Life!
    Best Regards
    Category: Scape News | Views: 895 | Date: 09-Nov-2009 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (1)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

    We've talked about private servers on the site here before, but in case you haven't heard the term: they're unofficial servers, very much against WoW's Terms of Use, that are run by companies other than Blizzard. They're shady as get out -- some make you pay (and these are not people you'd ever want to give any credit card information to), some will delete or change characters on a regular basis, and many times they're created just so whoever's running them can mess around with GM powers, and cheat with any items they want.

    So you can see why Blizzard would want them shut down, and that's exactly what they're trying to do with this lawsuit filed in the California Central District Court against a company called "Scapegaming" that runs at least one private WoW server (and they've apparently been running microtransactions in-game -- selling in-game items for "donations" of money). The law firm working for Blizzard, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, also worked on the "Bnetd" case, which was another piece of unofficial server software that allowed players to play off of Blizzard's Battle.net setup.

    The complaint lists copyright infringement as the cause, which means they're probably using the same argument targeted at other private servers in the past. We'll keep an eye on this, but it's very likely Blizzard will win this one unopposed, and Scapegaming (or at least just their WoW server) will get shut down for good.

    Thanks, Phenom!
    Category: WoW News | Views: 1040 | Date: 30-Oct-2009 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (4)  | Added by: (Cassavir)

    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to wish everyone to have happie halloween party.
    I already got my costume so its going down this saturday, to bad we all live apart from each other otherwise we could trow a guild party xD Im pretty sure that be fun.
    Alrighty guyz, HAVE FUN!!!!! Ganna be waiting for wicked pics from you ladies :D
    Wiiiiiii :D
    Category: Guild News | Views: 869 | Date: 28-Oct-2009 | Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (1)  | Added by: (Sam_xXx)

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